I’d like to share a interval timer with you by Intervals Pro. If you don’t have Intervals Pro installed, you can get it from the App Store:


Once you have downloaded the timer from the app store, open Intervals Pro, tap on the More tab, then tap “Upgrade to Unlock All”.

To add the preprogrammed timer(s) below, click the link for the corresponding Timer that you want then download the timer. You will need to navigate to your downloads folder on your device and open the file to add the timer to your Intervals Timer Pro.

Contact me if you do not see the timer added to the bottom of your list.

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Learn more about Intervals Pro at https://www.intervalspro.com


Beginners Leg Workout

Legs (Muscular Endurance)

Shoulders (Muscular Endurance)

Booty (Big Workout)

Lats (Intermediate Circuit)

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