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To get the most out of this workout use one of the Interval Timers below. No need to do any additional work. The exercises are already preprogrammed in the links below.

Android Timer | Apple Timer

Warm Up

30m | Mobility Routine (Video)

5m | Break


Strength Round

35s | Single Leg Hip Thrust (Left & Right)

12r | Banded Hip Thrust or Bridges

1m | Rest

Repeat 2x

Hams & Quads

Strength Round No Break

10r | Curtsy Lunge (Left & Right)

35s | Reverse Plank Walkouts

1m | Rest

Hip Abduction & Hyperextension

Strength Round No Break

10r | Seated Hip Abductions 3

35s | Reverse Hyper-extensions

1m | Rest

Repeat 3x


35s | Partner Medicine Ball Throw

35s | Partner Medicine Ball Handoff

5r | Kelly’s Standing Leg Lifts

40s | Rest

Repeat 3x


r = reps

s = seconds

m = minutes

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