Beginners Lats Circuit | BJJ Lats Circuit | Advanced Lats Circuit | Full Lats Circuit

To get the most out of this workout use one of the Interval Timers below. No need to do any additional work. The exercises are already preprogrammed in the links below.

Android Timer | Apple Timer

Warm Up

30m | Shoulder Mobility

5m | Break


Speed & Power

6r | Jump Negative Pull Ups [See Pull Up Alternatives]

6r | Bent Over Row

2m | Break

Repeat 3x

Muscular Endurance

15r | Band Assisted Pull Ups

15r | Inverted Rows

1m | Rest

Repeat 3x


10r | 1-Arm Row (Left & Right) [See 1-Arm Pull Up Alternatives]

10r | RDL

90s | Break

Repeat 3x


40s | Ab Roller

40s |Bicycles

40s | Ab Ankle Reach

40s | Hollow Body Holds

40s | Rest

Repeat 3x


r = reps

s = seconds

m = minutes

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