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To get the most out of this workout use one of the Interval Timers below. No need to do any additional work. The exercises are already preprogrammed in the links below.

Android Timer | Apple Timer

Warm Up

30m | Mobility Routine (Video)

5m | Break


Strength Round

6r | Squat [see Alternative Exercises]

6r | Stilletto Squat

2m | Break

Repeat 3x

Speed & Power

6r | Weighted Jump Squats

40s | Jump Squats

2m | Break

Repeat 4x

Muscular Endurance

Strength Round with 1m Active Recovery

45s | Prisoner Walkups

45s | Wall Sits

2m | Rest

Repeat 3x


15r | Air Triangles

45s | Russian Twist

45s | Plank Jacks [See Plank Jack Alternative]

35 | Rest

Repeat 3x


r = reps

s = seconds

m = minutes

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