The first step to improving your ability to feeling confident with what you are eating, feeling healthy and improving your body is to understand that our body is always seeking a state of homeostasis (or balance).

Most commercial diets are restrictive in nature. Let’s use the keto diet (and other low carb diets) for example. In this diet, carbs are greatly reduced and fats are increased for energy balance. These types of diets are drastically different than what most people are use to. And too extreme for what the body needs to function properly long term.

Sure people get results fast but the rebound is just as quick and sometimes detrimental.

What most people experience after going on these crash diets both a physiological need to increase how much they are eating and an emotional need for the food and lifestyle they have deprived themselves of. This can further exacerbate patterns of binge eating and lower confidence.

Also, eliminating of carbs can leave you more susceptible to mood swings, lethargy, poor concentration and hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes.

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Correctly sourced and portioned carbohydrates will supply the body with glucose, a necessary molecule our brain uses to function properly, and help you gain a healthier body composition.

Fear of carbs and the Fear of sugar

Most people (especially women) are afraid of gaining weight, looking fat and feeling out of shape. And when people hear anything related to carbs and nutrition the fear response kicks in. It’s only natural as human beings that we would want to stay away from the things that we are afraid of. Things like gaining weight, looking fat, feeling old and out of shape and even carbs. However, in human biology, elimination does not lead to balance (i.e. homeostasis).

There might be a time in our life when we may need to gain weight and our body may not be as lean as it once was, like after a competition. We might need to rest due to injury, life events or to reboot our body for the next more intense phase of training. And there is no getting around getting older. The key is to love ourselves through each and everyone of these processes.

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Also, food is not just fuel for our body. Fixing a meal or a plate for someone and ourselves, is a universal way we create bonds. Think of how your favorite pet builds trust with you as you feed it. Or the connected-ness you feel after enjoying a meal with your best friend and their family. We cannot discount the social, cultural, emotional and psychological impact food has in our everyday lives.

Yes, excess sugar in the bloodstream will convert to fat. However, the right amount can improve your body composition, improve your mood, make easier for you to loose weight, help you sleep and lower your stress. Completely eliminating carbs from your diet is not the answer. In order to move closer to healthy living, we need to shift from a restrictive mindset around food to that of an abundance mindset.

For more information on having an “Abundance Mindset” Checkout Chanee Momoko’s podcast “Your Highest SelfEp. 19 where she talks about how she coined the E.A.T Method which we will use in our program.

The E.A.T Method Stands for:

Enjoy What you eat!

Abundance Mindset

Three Key Habits

The Three Key Habits are 3 habits you will choose that will be your internal compass for your health and fitness journey. These habits will be personal to you that will keep you honest even after you are done with your program with me.

If you are interested in learning more about the E.A.T Method or you would like to start nutrition coaching with me click the link below!

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