Hallway JJEvery Monday at 6pm (ZOOM ONLY)

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Class Descriptions

Hallway JJ

Break down your favorite and most feared JiuJitsu moves into unforgettable concepts.

This is a lecture and drilling class that will help you identify the holes in your game.

What you will need:

Bring your questions and have a notepad and pen ready.

This online ZOOM class is the foundation behind Von’s Saturday JJ Fitness Hour Class.

Registration Details

With a Patreon contribution of $10 or more you will get access to ALL of Four Elements LIVE Zoom classes.

Once you have subscribed with Patreon you will receive access to Schoolology where the online class schedule and class password and IDs are available. You will also have access to their online training resource library and class recordings.

Contact info@fourelementsfitness.com for support.

***This ZOOM class is a continuation of Von’s Saturday Hallway JiuJitsu lecture class.***

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