Hey y’all it’s been a while. I know I have been gone from the social media world for a bit. But I needed the break so that I could give myself space to redefine myself and what I wanted to provide to you.

During my time in shelter-in-place I have built up my home gym, developed some websites and created a few mobile applications (like the one you are on now). But I’ve been feeling antsy and I’m ready to get out of the house and back to being physically active.

For me, (and I am sure a lot of other jiujitsu folks feel the same), jiujitsu has been my main form of physical activity and purpose for the day. Everything else is boring!!!

The energy of a gym filled with people who have become like family is irreplaceable. And no amount of solo training can replicate what we have lost.

But if we refuse to adapt to the situation we have been given, we are missing out on an opportunity to still practicing the lessons we have learned from jiujitsu.

When asked about the loss of BJJ during shelter-in-place, my jiujitsu coach Darren Uyenoyama replied “JiuJitsu is in the Heart”. And I firmly believe that.

Beyond World Championships, belts, tough rolls and taps who would you be in this art without those things?

We are forced to ask ourselves that question right now. Even without quarantine, every single one of those things will fade. Either your time in the competitive world is over, or you get your black belt or something happens in your life where you can’t roll. Eventually we will all be old and grey and rolling/training how we did a decade ago just won’t make sense anymore.

So how do would we still practice and embody all that we have learned without a tangible “win” to pull us forward? How do we practice without the ability to compare our skills against a roll or who we roll with? How do we get better without the ever watchful eye of our coach to guide us in the right direction? How do we better ourselves as a training partners? How do we remain a valuable member to our team?

Be creative!

The opportunity is there right in front of your face. All you need is a little added effort and some ingenuity.

Let go of what you cannot control

There is a lot about our situation that we cannot change. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take action towards your goals.

You just got a little detour.

The road may be a little longer — but that’s ok. Enjoy it! You never know, there could have been a lot of little lessons you may have missed on the other path.

It’s ok to not be ok

If you are someone who is normally motivated and self-driven and you find yourself not leaving your bedside despite all the motivational stuff you see on the internet. I’m here to let you know that you are not alone. What you are experiencing is a not out of the ordinary. We have lost our normal sense of living, being and connecting. And it’s ok to be where you are right now.

Good Enough IS Good Enough

Chanee Malfavon

This is a quote I got from my bodybuilding coach Chanee. I know in jiujitsu we are driven to get better by our training partners because we are in a battle between whether we are the hammer or the nail. For many of us that battle does not exist anymore. So it is very difficult to determine whether or not we are improving. And you might be fearful that you will be at the bottom of the barrel soon as you step on the mat again. So remember this…

  1. We will all get our @$$ kicked (some a little more than others sure). But there will be no discrimination on the butt kicking.
  2. You are not alone. Most of us have don’t have training partners to roll with… even some of your coaches.
  3. Keeping your general fitness level up will help. If you have a routine that uses the principles from jiujitsu, you are improving.
  4. Consistency and mindset is half the battle.

Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t … You’re Right

Henry Ford

If you need help developing a fitness routine that utilizes the principles from jiujitsu join me on Saturdays at 12pm for my Hallway JiuJitsu class.

Rather take a class than develop your own program? Join me on Mondays at 6pm for the JJ Fitness Hour.

Looking for something a little more personal? Fill out this Vision and Goal Setting Worksheet and setup a call with me TODAY!

2 thoughts on “JiuJitsu… the lost Art???

  1. It was great doing conditioning at home under your tutelage that utilizes JJ foundation and principles! Haven’t rolled or trained in jiu jitsu in almost a year nor have I had a thorough workout where I felt my whole body sore. This was a very insightful read and encouraging to keep striving and having a plan in place to become more active regardless of jiu jitsu, gyms, and what not.

    1. Thank you Eddie. I am happy this article was insightful and helpful for you. Please feel free to pass on this post to anyone you think it will help. Hope to hear from you soon!

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