I hear the women in my life criticize their body too often. How they “Hate it” or wish they were more skinny or had more of an hourglass figure.

They spend hours on end at the gym, purchase fitness equipment online that they never use, or fall into the fad diet craze of the season. They do whatever they can to achieve the physique of their dreams but always seem unsatisfied. Or worse they get nowhere and feel betrayed by their body and continue to fight with it as if it were their enemy.

Syncing up with your cycle

In order to, not only look better but feel better too, you need to stop working in opposition with your body and start working with it. Once you start eating, exercising and living your life in accordance with your cycle you will begin to see amazing results.

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Drop the Male approach to YOUR Fitness

Working under the assumption that our body is supposed to look, feel and operate the same way everyday is fighting against nature. The human body, like everything in life, operates on a cycle dictated by internal forces (hormones) and external forces (the environment). Our gender will dictate how long it takes for our hormones to reset.

A man’s hormone cycle resets every 24 hours whereas a woman’s resets every 28 days. So thinking like a man when it comes to your fitness and nutrition will not just have you chasing your own tail… it could harm you as well. As a woman, you need to take a different approach to your diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Finding strength in being Sensitive

When you take the time to listen to the cues your body is giving, you become more in tune with how to nurture it. Below are some examples of my emotions plus other symptoms I have experienced and what they could mean for me:

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