Upper | Upper with Legs | Upper (Shoulders Emphasis)

To get the most out of this workout use one of the Interval Timers below. No need to do any additional work. The exercises are already preprogrammed in the links below.

Android Timer | Apple Timer

Warm Up

20m | Shoulder Mobility Routine (Video)

5m | Break


5r | Handstand Holds for 20s

5m | Break



35s | Box Handstands with Leg Lifts

20s | Rollup Pistol Squat

2m | Rest

Repeat 5x


3r | Pull Ups

20s | Inverted Row

6r | 1-Arm Wide Elbow Bent Over Row (Left & Right)

3m | Rest

Repeat 5x


90s | Rest

10r | Top Foot Elevated Side Plank Hip Raise (Left & Right)

10r |Side Plank Shoulder Abduction (left & Right)

10r | Forward & Lateral Raise

Repeat 3x


10r | Roman Chair Leg Lifts

5r | Pallof Walk Away (Left & Right)

30s | Rest

Repeat 3x


r = reps

s = seconds

m = minutes

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