We have covered the basics of proper nutrition and keeping balance in your diet in the previous lessons. I hope they have given you a better sense of how to nourish your body. Now it’s time to shift to seeing yourself as a whole.

You are more than what your body looks like.

Your body is an amazing thing. Its awesomeness goes much further than what it looks like and how much mileage it has seen. The magnificence of the human body lies within it’s capability and less with whether or not you have 6 pack abs. It can create art through movement and dance. If trained properly it can be used as both a weapon and a shield.

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Moving Forward

I challenge you to see yourself beyond what you look like or even feel like today. Nurture your body by feeding it proper foods. Soothe your soul by going to your favorite event or spending time with loved ones. Honor your body by moving it and discovering its strength.

This is how we achieve health and vitality. Through honoring and appreciating ourselves for where we are now and enjoying the journey as it comes.

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